Food Service

The Food Division within Zep® Sales and Service offers products to meet every foodservice cleaning and sanitizing need.  We offer solutions for machine warewashing, three-sink sanitizing, food preparation areas and drain maintenance.   Our line of foodservice products are backed by the professional support of our food certified representatives to insure expert on-site service and superior solutions for your operation. Local Zep reps are poised to provide first rate product, program, and implementation support along the way.


Full Service Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Food and Beverage, and Dietary.    

Warewashing:  Mechanical warewashing detergents, rinse additives for high temp and low temp applications.  Our line also includes products for your 3-sink applications to clean pots, pans, and other cooking utensils.

Floor Care:  Sealers and finishes for resilient and non-resilient floors, high solids, high durability, low maintenance, spray-buff, burnish mop-on, green finish and stripper.
Oven and Grill Cleaners:  To clean the toughest carbonized soils with a variety of product options depending upon oven surfaces or applications preferences.
Sanitizers:  Quaternary and chlorine-based formulation that are EPA approved carrying the common kill claims required for foodservice operations to treat all food contact surfaces.
Hand Care:  A full range of hand soaps including general purpose anti-microbial formulation for both kitchens and restroom and Instant Hand Sanitizers to maintain healthy hands through proper hand washing practices.
Odor Control:  Air care, deodorants and odor control, portable toilet deodorants.

Drain Maintenance:  Various formula options from high caustic to bio-based technology that keep drains flowing free and eliminate the foul odor associated with organic soil build-up.

Product Information

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